Offshore Banking(6)

You can access your account if you have set it up for online transactions.

Online Banking(1)

Most online banks will supple you with a software application to install on your home computer in order to access the online banking facilities through your regular Internet connection. Otherwise, you will be provided with a website address that either connects to the main banking website, or to your particular account.
Interactive services such as Sky TV Interactive, Telewest and Blueyonder cable TV offer online portals to a number of banks. If your bank is one of those associated with the service, you can access your account if you have set it up for online transactions.
Some banks even offer a way to connect to your bank account and make transactions through your mobile telephone. Though not as flashy or as comprehensive as access through your computer may be, the WAP services available on a number of mobile telephones offer basic access and interaction with your online bank account.
To automate the process even further and make it more transparent to the customer, some banks provide software that integrates with your home computer’s existing financial applications such as Microsoft Money or Quicken. This way, as long as you are connected to the Internet, special features of your software will interact with the bank’s network, allowing you to make transactions and update your account through an application you already use.
• WAP/Mobile Internet
Thanks to mobile Internet services such as WAP, it is possible to access your account details while away from your computer and make use of your bank’s usual online services, albeit through the simplified interface of your mobile telephone.
WAP/Mobile Banking is not yet offered by all banks. This is because only a minority of the market have embraced the service where it has been made available. In comparison, customers have made much more use of home computer access through dial-up or broadband internet.
• Interactive Television
Another convenient way of accessing your bank account information is through Interactive TV. Service providers such as Sky Interactive, Telewest, NTL and Blueyonder Cable TV have made provisions for online banking services to their home-based subscribers.
However, access is based on which banks have arrangements with the Interactive TV service you are subscribed to, limiting the potential user base that can take advantage of TV banking. As such, the market’s reception to Interactive TV banking has been relatively poor.
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